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Bring your people together for an unforgettable virtual magic show full of childlike joy and wonder.
Virtual magic shows build community and connection among people all over the world.  Creating virtual events that truly capture the imagination of your audience in spite of physical separation is no easy task.  Yet, magic is an art form uniquely positioned to reach through the screen and engage groups of all shapes and sizes.  And when your audience is engaged in realizing the impossible together, the outcome is mind-blowing.

Why Virtual Magic Shows?

When the live entertainment industry came to a screeching halt in March of 2020,  Dennis Watkins' The Magic Parlour had been running non-stop in downtown Chicago for nearly 10 years.
Even though folks couldn't gather, they had a very clear need to connect during a time they were forced to be apart.
Watkins created magic to meet this need, crafting virtual magic shows that put the audience front-and-center.  In Watkins' online shows, your guests jump onto the screen and make choices that create unbelievable outcomes...And then everyone else celebrates them.

Can It Really Be Magical On Zoom?

Absolutely!  In fact, when everyone in the gallery creates magic in their own hands, or when your mind gets read from 2,000 miles away, the result is truly jaw-dropping.

Check out the video to see how real people react to Dennis Watkins' online virtual magic shows!

Virtual magic shows are available on-demand, 7 days a week.  They can accommodate corporate and private audiences of 1-10,000 guests.

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If you have not hosted a virtual event, the process can seem a bit mysterious.  Over the last year and a half, our team has learned that it's all much easier than you might imagine.

First of all, everyone attending the virtual magic show must have a computer or laptop with a working camera and microphone (quality virtual event entertainment is not engineered for viewing on phones). We'll host the event on Zoom (with true high-definition video output) or the platform of your choice. We'll even provide you with instructions and a link to send to your guests.  

From there, folks log in and your virtual magician takes the stage. The best virtual magic shows create an atmosphere of engagement, interaction and involvement for all of the guests. In this kind of live virtual entertainment, you and your guests truly become the stars of the show. Audience volunteers are displayed in picture-in-picture windows, right alongside Dennis. The technical wizardry that goes into producing virtual and online shows is remarkable, and Dennis’ team uses platforms like Zoom to create an immersive, interactive and engaging experiences that are just as magical as in-person events.

Virtual Magic Show FAQs

How do I book a virtual magic show?

Booking virtual event entertainment couldn’t be easier. Just CONTACT US HERE and Dennis’ manager will reach out to get the ball rolling. You’ll nail down a date for the online event and sign a short contract to secure the date. Then, you’ll distribute the link to your guests and log in at showtime. That’s it!

What size audience is best for virtual magic shows?

One of the beautiful thinks about virtual and Zoom magic shows is that Dennis can customize the show for a group of any size. From 1 people to 10,000 people, virtual conferencing platforms allow close-up magic and mind-reading to be performed center stage for all of your guests.

Who are virtual magic shows for?

Virtual magic shows are for EVERYONE! Dennis has worked for decades in the corporate events market. In doing so, he has created material with universal human appeal. The shows are just as hilarious as they are mind-boggling, and they come with the guarantee that there is no off-color or offensive material to any of your guests, regardless of their age. That means you're welcome to have your kids gather round the screen with you.

What is the optimal time for a virtual magic show?

Companies, organizations and private clients schedule virtual magic shows whenever they are most useful. Does your company host a morning meeting that could use some magic? If so, we’ll do a show in the morning! Are you hosting a happy hour for your team? Then, let’s schedule it for 5 pm! What about lunchtime? You bet! The beauty of the virtual magic show is that it can be scheduled any time of day, 7 days a week. Virtual magician Dennis Watkins has built a broadcast-quality studio in his home so that he can serve audiences all over the world, whenever they need some magic.

Do you only perform virtual shows on Zoom?

Virtual event magician Dennis Watkins has performed shows on Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Remo and other platforms. His virtual magic shows were engineered for Zoom. However, they can be adapted for the platform of your choice. A quick consultation with Dennis’ manager about your needs for the virtual magic show will help determine the best platform for your online event.

I have more questions about virtual events!

No sweat. Click the button below and talk to Dennis’ manager!

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